Transistor Pinouts

Transistor pinout (or transistor base diagram) information for the older Qs in TO-3, TO-5, TO-18, TO-92, TO-220, etc. packages that the electronics hobbyist might have in his junk box is not an easy find on the Internet. So here's some help:

This is an enlarged copy of a little info. sheet that came with some Qs that I bought many years ago from one of the surplus suppliers.

Links to other pinout information found on the Internet:

This excellent PDF of pinout diagrams is from the online book 200 Transistor Circuits
Another image of transistor bases similar to the ones above
This one includes some voltage regulators and the 555 Timer
A PDF file of transistor base diagrams
Pinout information arranged by TO and SOT numbers - Quite comprehensive
Several charts - Mostly European types by package type
Some European and Japanese ones
A few more - Scroll down a few pages to just before the Contents listing

Finally, Two Semiconductor testers: The first is this $17 one from China an excellent device. Much older, is the Radio Shack Electronic Components Tester - Catalog # 22-330. It's also an excellent test device that will find the pinout information for transistors, FETs, diodes, SCRs and LEDs and identify whether the device is good or bad. Likely only to be found at hamfest flea markets.

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