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Occasionally I have some radio related information that might be of interest to others.
This Radio sub-domain of the main Inland Marine Radio History Archive site is the home for such information.


Transistor Pinouts:  A page of pinout and base diagram information

DIY UHF TV Antenna: Dimensions & construction details for an indoor Gray-Hoverman UHF TV antenna built on two 24 by 36 inch foam boards.

Easy Frequency Search: Provides a unified way to search the FCC and Radio Locater records for AM and FM station information.  Low frequency beacon information searches can also be done from this page.

Nighttime AM DX:  PDF - A one-page, three-column, listing of nighttime DX targets for those living in North Carolina and nearby states. 

Quilting Hoop Loop: A page with some information and pictures of my  version of N7FKI's Quilting Hoop Loop

Radio & Test Equip, Manuals: Twenty + sources for manuals, instruction books and schematics

Shortwave Freq. Allocations: A PDF of the frequency bands allocated to the different radio services including a column showing the width of each band.

DIY Coil Calculators: A page with links to on-line coil/Inductance calculators - Find Inductance, dimensions, AL, wire length, permeability, etc.

Semiconductor Oddities and Negative Resistance: A collection of links on these topics.

Intl. Radio Call Sign Prefixes: A PDF listing of prefixes for all the countries on 1 page.

Win. Sound Card Based Test Gear:  30+ links to Windows PC based test applications

Heathkit Gird Dip Meter GD 1B - Low frequency coil Kit #341A - Instructions - Correlation Chart

 Digital TV Channels  A one page Excel Spreadsheet showing post-Repack channel info. for the Raleigh, NC area.

The_Birth_of_Ham_VHF-FM: The 1960s effort to encourage logical selection of frequencies for new FM nets. With links to historic documents.

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