K4ZAD's Radio Information Site

Occasionally I have some radio related information that might benefit others. This Sub domain of the
main Inland Marine Radio History Archive site is the home for such content.


Transistor Pinouts:  A page of pinout and base diagram information

DIY UHF TV Antenna: Dimensions & construction details for an indoor Gray-Hoverman
UHF TV antenna built on two 24 by 36 inch foam boards.

Easy Frequency Search: Provides a unified way to search the FCC and Radio Locater
AM and FM station information.  Low frequency beacon information
searches can also be done from this page.

Nighttime AM DX Guide - A PDF download: one-page, three-column, listing of nighttime
DX targets for those living in North Carolina and nearby states. 

Quilting Hoop Loop: A page with some information and picutres of my  version of N7FKI's
Quilting Hoop Loop

Sources for Radio & Test Equipment Manuals:  Twenty + links for manuals, instruction books
and schematics

Shortwave Frequency Allocations: A PDF of the frequency bands allocated to the different radio
services including a column showing the width of each band.

International Radio Call Sign Prefixes: A PDF listing of prefixes for all the countries on 1 page.

The Windows PC as an Electronics Test Bench:
 30+ links to Windows PC based test applications

Heathkit Gird Dip Meter GD 1B - Low frequency coil Kit #341A - Instructions - Correlation Chart

 Digital TV Channel Changes for the Raleigh, NC area. A o
ne page Excel Spreadsheet showing
the changes scheduled to be implemented by 2020


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